6 ways to cut down on fuel costs

We’ve got tips to help you save money on your daily commute.

Savings tip 6. Know your shortest route

Use Google Maps or Waze app to find the shortest way. Waze will also find you the route that’s fastest in real time, and help you avoid traffic snarl-ups, roadworks and accidents that’ll waste fuel on your trip.

Savings tip 5. Car-pool

Can you share the costs with a family member? Or is there a colleague leaving at the same time as you from your neighbourhood? Try smarttravel.org.nz to find drivers – or passengers – on the same route at the same time. Some passengers are happy to help towards your fuel costs.

Savings tip 4. Use public transport

Jumping on a bus or train, or even cycling or walking part of the way will likely save you money. If you’ve been driving for years, it might take a while to get used to. But you’ll save money and help the planet – plus help ease congestion on our roads.

Savings tip 3. Drive with a light foot

Economy drive rally contenders recommend driving without shoes on. Your foot is far lighter, and you don’t press the pedal down too far.

Cut down on unnecessary weight and remove roof racks when they’re not in use.

The AA suggests you drive smoothly, accelerate gently and read the road ahead to avoid braking unnecessarily. Change up earlier if you have a manual gearbox, so the engine doesn’t labour.

Savings tip 2. Be a gas spy

Download Gaspy, a free crowd-sourced app that helps you cut petrol costs by finding your cheapest petrol station. About 360,000 Kiwis are registered on the app as ‘gas spies’, updating prices at their local pumps.

Savings tip 1. Claim those discounts

Using Fly Buys cards and AA Smartfuel cards at the pump gives you at least 6c a litre off. Add supermarket specials and discounts can be up to 40c a litre.

On Gaspy, use the ‘Discounts’ feature to recalculate your cheapest rate based on Fly Buys, supermarket dockets, or other loyalty cards.

Published 2 July 2019

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