Need help choosing the right fund type?

Choosing what fund your KiwiSaver money is invested in is an important decision and could mean a difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime.

If you avoid taking the time to choose the right fund now, you could run the risk of losing out on bigger returns later!

If you need help choosing which of our actively-managed funds is best, follow the link below to choose your fund type. (Of course, we don’t take into account your personal circumstances. If you would like this, we suggest speaking to a financial adviser)

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Reasons you’ll love JUNO

One low monthly fee

Saving on fees helps grow your KiwiSaver balance, so there’s more money to benefit from returns.

Active management experts

Our experienced investment team actively manage your money, aiming to grow and protect your KiwiSaver returns over the long term.

Get money-savvy

Unlock your money personality to help reach your goals sooner!

Actively managed by Pie Funds

Pie Funds launched JUNO so everyone could benefit from their specialised active management strategy, built and refined over the past 14 years.

JUNO may be fairly new, but we’re actively managed by the team of investment experts at Pie Funds.

Pie Funds has made over $360m of wealth for its clients over the past 14 years.⁷

JUNO Actively Managed by Investment Experts at Pie Funds

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Are you a spender or a saver? Whatever your money personality, we have tips to help reach your goals sooner.

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