Tips for female investors

Investing is traditionally a man’s world, but more and more Kiwi women are starting to invest in shares or managed funds outside of their KiwiSaver accounts. Good on you!

We’ve compiled a few tips for female investors, whether you’re just starting out or if you just want a refresher.

Firstly, welcome!

The investing world can be daunting and intimidating. Good on you for taking the next step to educate yourself and learn how investing can help increase your wealth, and make your money work hard for returns. 

Start small

If you’re new to share investing, start small with money you can afford to lose. Pick an investment platform and invest in things you like and understand. See how you go for a few months. Enjoy the journey (there will be ups and downs) and learn by doing!

Get amongst it

Online platforms and groups provide a great opportunity to join communities and learn more. Be careful of the “advice” that can come from these groups. Always make your own investment decisions and avoid being swayed by hype.

Don’t forget KiwiSaver

If you haven’t checked in on your KiwiSaver account for a while, now’s a great time. If you don’t know which provider your money is with, contact IRD or find it in your MyIR account. Any questions you have, contact your provider. You can find contact details for all providers here. A few tweaks to your KiwiSaver account can make a big difference in the long-term. If you’re a member of JUNO KiwiSaver Scheme, you can access our educational library here plus you’ll receive regular tips in your monthly member email. 

Have a plan

Creating a plan with a financial adviser can help you reach your goals and stay on top of the risks. If you’d prefer a female financial adviser, there are heaps out there. Work out your strategy then stay the course.

Learn about volatility

Investing is different to a savings account because your investment experiences volatility, meaning the balance of your investment account will go up and down over time. The higher risk your investment is, the more volatile it will be, but you’ll hopefully get higher returns over the long term. Research volatility and what it means for your investment and you – how do you react to market ups and downs? 

Stay positive

So much investment commentary is designed for men and you might feel isolated and surrounded by jargon you don’t understand. Stay positive and aim to educate yourself – find ways to make investing fun and engaging for you!

Check out some great educational resources

  • The Curve, an investing education platform for women:
  • You can read our 5 top NZ money podcasts.
  • Sharesies, Hatch, Sorted, MoneyHub and the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) also have great educational resource sections.

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