9 top tips for investing

We’ve got some helpful tips for your investing journey, whether you’re a beginner or keen for a refresher.

Have a plan

Investing can be a great way to reach your financial goals. Having a plan helps you keep on track. One of your goals might be to have an investment property within five years. Or you might want to grow your KiwiSaver account to a certain amount to help with a first-home deposit or retirement.


Avoid having all your eggs in one basket, as experts say. Diversification is having your investment portfolio set up to include a range of different risk levels and asset classes. Diversification helps you manage the risk - when one type of investment is decreasing in value, another could be increasing in value. It’s unlikely all your investments would drop in value at the same time. 

Be wary of scams

Keen investors, both beginners and experienced, often find themselves the targets, and victims, of sophisticated scams. Do your research and ignore people who approach you out of the blue with investment opportunities. The FMA has some good resources on investment scams.

Know your fees

You’ll be charged fees on investments. Be aware of how much you’re paying. All financial products in New Zealand have a Product Disclosure Statement that includes important information, including about what fees you pay.

Stay updated

Research any investments thoroughly and stay updated regularly. Investments can change often and so can fees. Some changes require you to be notified - read all emails that are sent to you about your investment, and ask questions if you’re not sure. If you’re invested in property, stay across government changes and requirements. 

Stick to your strategy

Decide on your investment strategy, then stay the course. Avoid changing in and out of investments too often, and don’t react to market ups and downs. Avoid selling during a market downturn. 

Know the exits

Knowing how to start an investment is important - but so is knowing how to exit it. Does it take three months to withdraw your money, or three days? Could you be stuck with investments you can’t sell, because nobody else wants to buy them? 

Get expert help

Financial advisers can provide professional advice and help on your investment journey. The FMA has an excellent resource hereSorted also has good information, as does the FMA’s Investor section.

Review annually

Investments are for the long-term, but it’s ideal to check in annually in case your goals or circumstances have changed. You want to make sure your investments still suit your situation.

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