4 ways to save money at the supermarket

We’ve got some easy tips to help you save big bucks at the supermarket.

Savings tip 4. Swap to budget brands

If you’re a sucker for premium-brand products, the kind that appear on television adverts, you might want to take another look. These branded products can easily be swapped for cheaper versions, and most of the time you won’t even notice the taste difference.

Savings tip 3. Shop in season

You’ll make huge savings in fruit and vegetables if you stick to buying what’s in season. I know you really want that $5 green pepper or punnet of strawberries, but can you swap it for something cheaper? 
Bulk out meals with carrots and potatoes, which are cheap all year round. And don’t be a snob when it comes to frozen veges. They’re far cheaper, last longer, and research shows they’re just as nutritious. 

Savings tip 2. Look for discounted meat

Meat is expensive. Find the days and times your supermarket discounts its nearly-expired meat, and stock up. It’s often Sunday. You can save hundreds of dollars a year by following this easy tip! 

Pop it straight into the freezer for later use, or cook right away. Even better – use less meat and bulk out your dish with cheaper, in-season veges, or lentils and chickpeas.

Savings tip 1. Reduce waste

According to Love Food Hate Waste, Kiwis waste $872 million a year on food we buy and later throw away. Fresh fruit and vegetables are the main culprits. Get into the habit of reducing your waste.

Take a list to the supermarket. When you’re planning meals, think about vegetables you can use across different meals – or buy only what you need. Get into the habit of freezing leftovers, or take them for lunch the next day. Toss drooping vegetables into soups, quiches, omelettes, and curries. 

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