Team Images 600x600px_Mike.png

Mike Taylor
Founder, CEO and Acting Chief Investment Officer

Team Images 600x600px_Anna.png

Anna Sullivan
Chief Operating Officer

Team Images 600x600px_Mark.png

Mark Devcich
Portfolio Manager


Guy Thornewill
Head of Global Research


Toby Woods
Senior Investment Analyst for Global Equities

Team Images 600x600px_Shannon.png

Shannon Glover
Group Financial Controller

Team Images 600x600px_Stephanie_C.png

Stephanie Cross
Head of Compliance and Associate General Counsel

Team Images 600x600px_Rhys.png

Rhys Van Stipriaan Luiscius
Risk and Senior Compliance Manager

Team Images 600x600px_Rachel.png

Rachel Payne
Compliance Analyst

Team Images 600x600px_Graham.png

Graham Ansell
Advisor to the Investment Committee

Team Images 600x600px_Gareth.png

Gareth Biggs
Group Head of Operations

Team Images 600x600px_Tilly.png

Tilly Liebenberg
People and Culture Manager

Team Images 600x600px_Anne.png

Anne Kleyn
Business Manager & EA to the CEO


Brett Kolb
Financial Accountant

Team Images 600x600px_Nikhil.png

Nikhil Ramrakhiani
Chief Technology Officer

Team Images 600x600px_Phillip.png

Phillip Quinlan
Technical Lead

Team Images 600x600px_Chris.png

Chris Samson
IT Manager

Team Images 600x600px_Andrew.png

Andrew Fraser
Chief Marketing Officer

Team Images 600x600px_Steph.png

Stephanie Munro
Digital Online Editor and Digital Marketer

Team Images 600x600px_Claire.png

Claire Connell
Editor and Senior Writer

Team Images 600x600px_Jamie.png

Jaime Callá
Graphic Designer

Team Images 600x600px_Julia.png

Julia Bartlett
Head of JUNO Operations

Team Images 600x600px_Clara.png

Clara Kim
JUNO Investor Operations Manager


Gordon Gomes
JUNO Investor Services Manager


Laine Delfin
Investor Onboarding Specialist

Independent Directors


Brenden Hall
Independent Non-Executive Director

Team Images 600x600px_Ana-Marie.png

Ana-Marie Lockyer
Independent Non-Executive Director

Team Images 600x600px_Roger.png

Roger Kerr
Independent Non-Executive Director

Team Images 600x600px_Celia.png

Cecilia Robinson
Independent Non-Executive Director