Could you get better KiwiSaver returns?

Join the thousands of people switching KiwiSaver providers every month!

JUNO has taken the lead as the fastest-growing KiwiSaver scheme by percentage member growth rate.5

We are also proud to have #1 ranked 3-year returns for our Growth fund.1

Could you get better KiwiSaver returns?

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JUNO Fee Structure

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No hidden fees

Our one monthly fee means no hidden fees. How many fees are you being charged on your KiwiSaver account? Most providers charge multiple fees, and these can really add up!
JUNO's one monthly fee means no hidden fees eating into your savings.

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JUNO Fee Structure

Grow your returns

Many other providers use passive management, where your balance is invested automatically and tries to get close to the industry average return. Our experienced active fund managers aim to beat the market index return, not just follow it!
JUNO’s active management gets returns.

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JUNO Growth Fund vs Market index

How does your bank rank?1

We are proud to say our Growth Fund is ranked #1 for 3-year annualised returns out of 30 Morningstar KiwiSaver multi-sector growth funds to 30 September 2021.1

We put this strong result down to our active management and one low monthly fee, which together help grow your returns. KiwiSaver is a long-term investment, but we are still very happy with these results.

Check out a comparison of annual fees, 3-year annualised returns and return rankings for 30 KiwiSaver Growth funds reviewed by Morningstar – you might be surprised!

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JUNO Fee Structure

JUNO KiwiSaver Actively Managed by the high-performing Pie Funds

Actively managed by Pie Funds

Pie Funds launched JUNO so everyone could benefit from their specialised active management strategy, built and refined over the past 14 years.

JUNO may be fairly new, but we’re actively managed by the high-performing Pie Funds team.

Pie Funds has made over $860m of wealth for its clients over the past 14 years*

Here are some of Pie Funds’ awards and ratings.

*Based on the net profit before tax for the Pie Funds Management Scheme from inception in 2007 to 31 October 2021

What people are saying


Our favourite KiwiSaver fund for actively-managed returns (in recent times).


Actively managed funds don’t necessarily charge aggressive fees – JUNO works out to charge about 0.56% per annum.


Their funds are actively managed, with experienced fund managers focused on generating good returns.